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My name is Mason Lane.  Im a USPSA Limited National Champion, 4 Division Grandmaster, IDPA Distinguished Master, a BSA Eagle Scout, and a professional practical shooting instructor.

I was involved with Scouting from a young age, I took it extremely seriously and ascended the ranks pretty quickly.  At the conclusion of my Scouting career, Some friends and I started a shooting sports focused youth group through which we competed in IDPA and Steel Challenge matches.  We had a lot of good times competing against each other and as a team.  Long story short, I took shooting a lot more seriously that my peers.  I pursued shooting with similar rigor to how I approached scouting and it rapidly showed in my skills.


Early in my career I attracted the attention of excellent mentors within SIG Sauer and the New England area.  

Fast forward 8 years and I've won some area matches, a USPSA nationals, I'm growing my company and loving life. 

Overall, I love shooting and training, helping people improve, discussing technique, talking shop about matches, etc.  I'm a nerd for practical shooting.  If you have a question about anything shooting related, give me a shout.  If you are interested in a course offering, or hosting a course near you, get in contact with me.


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